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Bias Survey

Bias survey

Pick your top 5 biases and answer the questions~

So hard to choose five o————-o

1. Gongchan

2. Chanyeol

3. Jaehyo

4. Hanbyul

5. Minho

What do you like about 4?

He is CRAZY! And has the cutest australian accent! :3

Is 2 an alcoholic?

LOL I dread to think what Chanyeolly would be like drunk!

Can 1 sing?

Debatable lol. He isn’t the best but I think he can sing!

Is 5 in a relationship?

He comes across as a total lady killer! He probably has many ladies on the go ;D

Would you go out with 3?

Yes! <3 Jaehyo is age appropriate and dorkably cute!

Is 2 hot?

YUS! He is my IDEAL type. Tall, lanky and dorky! XDDD

Can 3 cook?

Probably not. He’s just a pretty face. Bless.

Do you know if 1 plays an instrument?

I don’t think he does… It’d be really hot if he did!

What do you like about 1?

He is sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute! He has an amazing body and love him with dark hair! He gives off an innocent maknae vibe but he is totally just hiding the naughty sex god he really is! ;D

Has 4 had any solo albums?

Nope! But he can give you a dental check up! lol

Would you set-up pair 2 and 5 together?

Ooooo. I don’t really ship biases but Minho thigh + lanky, dorky, smiley Chanyeolly? I think it could work…

Do you think 3 would be a good parent?

LOL No. He’s still such a kid himself.

What do you like about 2?

Never ending! He is my IDEAL! Dorky, cute, deep voice, REALLY tall, lanky, skinny but toned, can dance and rap, has cute fluffy wuffy curly hair, pulls stupid faces looks good with/without glasses. I loves him <3

Can 5 dance?

Ooooh yes. *pictures Sherlock dance and glorious thigh*

Can 1 act?

Well he hides his evil side quite well, so yes!

Would 3 take drugs?

I’m pretty sure the whole of Block B are already on drugs lol

Would 4 bail you out of jail?

I’d like to think so!

Has 2 been on reality tv?

EXO haven’t… have they? o—-o I’m pretty it’s just been showcases so far.

Out of 1 and 5 who would be more likely to ask you out?

… Hm… Minho? Just because he is blatantly a man whore! lol

Is 5 tall?

He’s pretty tall. I’m sure he breaks the 6ft marker which gets my seal of approval!

Has 3 done anything embarrassing in public?

3 is embarrassing all the time no matter where!

Do you like 4’s current hair style?

Not so much. His dirty blonde locks were best <3

Is 2 gay?

I don’t think Chanyeolly is gay… I hope not! O:

Would 3, 4 and 2 have a cross-dressing show?

Hanbyul would totally rock drag lol Jaehyo is insanely pretty so he’d probably rock it too. I’d imagine Chanyeolly would make a terrifying drag queen but would be totally up for it!

Would 1 go skinny dipping?

O————-O I need to think about this for a while…

*several hours later*

Well he does in my mind! I’d like to think he’d want to show off that killer body of his!

Does 3 remind you of anyone you know?

Not really. I don’t know any boys that pretty and derpy! Otherwise I’d be on them in seconds ಠ_ಠ

Would 5 watch porn?

Don’t all guys watch porn? :P

Is 2 single?

Probably. He’s been so busy! O:

Would you marry 1 but then have them divorce you 6 months later; marry 2 but have them run away a year later; date 3 but then lose them in a car crash a year later; date 4 but then break up 2 years later or sleep with 5 and have them or you pregnant?


Awww… I don’t want Jaehyo to die! That’s mean! O:

Dating Hanbyul for 2 years seems the best option o—-o

I’d imagine I’d never see Minho again if I said I was pregnant! XDDD

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